Background: Also known as Vision Home Entertainment, this company distributed films from TimeWarner (WB,New Line, etc.), Buena Vista (now Walt Disney Motion Pictures), and Universal on home video releases.

1st Logo (1994-)

Logo: We see a mountain island. The camera moves to the north while a light (more like a lens flare) moves around. After some seconds, we see the Vision Home Entertainment logo (without the "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" text and I dots) zooming out. The tiny scribbles above the I's appear (one orange, one green), and when we don't see the mountains below, the "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" text fades in. The red words "Quality Entertainment for Your Home" fade in below the logo. The background turns black and the red text glows.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: The camera and light moving, the logo zooming out, the scribbles appearing, the texts fading in, the background turning black, and the text glowing. Pretty cool animation for it's time, but now it looks choppy and outdated.

Music/Sounds: A synth drone, followed by two dings when the dots appear.

Availability: Currently in use. Can be seen through VCD (and possibly DVD) releases from movies by Warner Bros, New Line Cinema, and Universal (post-2005 releases).Starting in 2011,the company distributes Dreamworks releases (thru WDMP).Don't expect to see this on any single Buena Vista/Walt Disney releases.

Scare Factor: Low. Someone might be caught off-guard by the dark music (and dings), huge logo and mountains, but it is a cool-looking (and somewhat tame) logo.

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