1st Logo (Mid-1985-Early 1992)

Nickname: "V of Gold"

Logo: This is a still version of the Roadshow Entertainment "Australian V of Doom" logo, only with different text "VILLAGE ROADSHOW PICTURES".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Rare. Seen on a trailer for Over the Hill (1992), which can be found on the UK VHS of Strictly Ballroom. It may or may not appear on the Live Home Video VHS of Bloodmoon.

Scare Factor: TBA

2nd Logo (Early 1992-April 24, 1998, September 14, 2007) Logo: Same as the Roadshow Films logo of the time, but with "VILLAGE ROADSHOW PICTURES" underneath the "V". Variants:

* This logo can be cut short or still for TV shows and mini-series. 

* The TV version might have the text "A VILLAGE ROADSHOW COMPANY".

    • On The New Adventures of Flipper S1 episode "Treasure Hunt", a blue toned version of the above variant exists.

FX/SFX: Same as the Roadshow Films logo.

Music/Sounds: The opening or closing theme of the show. On Nightman, it has the Tribune Entertainment music playing over it. 

Availability: The animated version is seen on The New Adventures of Flipper and Tarzan and the Lost City. The still version can be seen on the mini-series Thorn Birds: The Missing Years, Tales of the South Seas, and the TV show Nightman, among others. This also makes a surprise appearance on December Boys. Don't expect this to appear on Fortress (1993).

Scare Factor: None.

3rd Logo (October 16, 1998-present)

Nicknames: "The Other V of Steel", "V of Heaven"

Logo: Sort of like the 1980s New World Pictures logo, we see rows of bars turning inward extremely close to the camera, from bottom to top. A spotlight lights up the background behind them. The spotlight fades as we zoom out to reveal a large stylized filled triangle made up of six progressively smaller V's. "VILLAGE ROADSHOW PICTURES" fades in below.

Variant: The font for "VILLAGE ROADSHOW PICTURES" changed to a different font and the entire logo is tinted silver starting with Dark Shadows, released on May 11, 2012.

FX/SFX: The forming of the "V", animated by YU+Co.


• 2005- : Uses the Roadshow Entertainment music. • In other cases, it uses the opening movie theme or music from any given soundtrack.

Music/Sounds Variant: There is a high toned variant of the 2005 version.

Availability: Very common. Appears on many movies produced by Village Roadshow since 1998 like Cats & Dogs, Happy Feet, Zoolander, and No Reservations. The high toned version can be seen on Rogue. It first appeared on Practical Magic, released on October 16, 1998. The last film to use the original variant wasThe Lucky One, released on April 19, 2012.

Scare Factor: None.

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