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Background: The Video Collection was a UK-based video company formed in 1984 and established in 1985. Originally part of the Prestwich Group, based in New Southgate, London. It was subject to an MBO (management buyout) headed by Steve Ayres CEO and Paddy Toomey (ex-Woolworths) as MD. The vision of "Sell Through Video" was born with the strong Woolworths association driving the retail sales. It's American counterpart was Strand Home Video.

The Video Collection

1st Logo (1985-1989)

Strand Home Video/The Video Collection - CLG Wiki

Logo: On a gray background, several white lines appear. A black rectangle with "COLLECTION" (in a tall white font) at the bottom flips up from the bottom of the screen and "THE" flies and flips from the top. Then "VIDEO" in a red rectangle (written with "V" in a black serif font and "ideo" a skinnier, white italicized serif font), swoops from behind the "COLLECTION" box and plasters itself on it.

FX/SFX: The swooping and flipping. Not bad for 1985.

Music/Sounds: A 13-note synth theme, accompanied by 4 deeper synths and 3 synthesized chords when "VIDEO" appears. This was actually taken from a weather jingle TVS was using at the time.

Availability: Can be seen on any releases of cartoons (mostly Hanna-Barbera and Ruby-Spears) in the UK. Even though the next logo was introduced a year after this one, this logo didn't end until 3 years later still have aardman animations.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. The music might scare some, but at least a favorite among many.

2nd Logo (1986, 1988-1995, 1998,early 200?-201?)

The Video Collection's Logo

Logo: On a white marble-like background, we see parts of what looks like a giant computer/TV flying into the screen. Coming together, they spin around and zoom in to the screen. Then a red box appears via "blinds" effect and spinsin 3D while a giant "V", rendered in 3D, spins from the left of the screen. While this is happening, the screen turns black. When the box and "V" come together, the screen turns light gray, although a black rectangle remains. The rest of "ideo" fades in and some lines pop from below the "VIDEO" box and morph into the word "COLLECTION". Then the logo makes a shadow effect.


  • The name of the company would have its name changed in a different language, depending on where the tapes were sold. For instance, on PAL tapes in Spain, the logo reads "Video Colección.
  • Another variant is that the words read "Video Music Collection".
  • One variant (used as a print logo) had the red box reading VCI (In the "Video" Font) and the bottom of the black box saying Distribution, the text is all in adifferent font.This variant is only known to appear on Silver Vision releases such as WWF Royal Rumble 1991 and WWF Wrestlemania VIII (The Normal logo appears on other Silver Vision Tapes until the early 90's)

FX/SFX: The parts flying and coming together, the spinning.

Music/Sounds: A synthetic thunderclap, then a little synthesized organ-like ditty. It ends with two timpani beats. On some Spanish PAL tapes, an announcer can be heard thanking us for buying or renting the tape (in Spanish, of course!). On some promos, an announcer can be heard,on uk and international version of DVD can be here:seen to be music of Columbia Tristar Television due to a plaster error.

Availability: Can be seen on Thomas the Tank Engine releases in the UK. The early Thomas the Tank Engine releases had the Screen Legends logo. The Spanish variant can be seen on Yogi's First Christmas. This logo stopped being regularly used in 1995, but it appears on a 1998 print of Sesame Street - Big Bird's Favorite Party Games. This logo debuted in 1986, on She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, and didn't appear again until 1988 Sometime it played a little late.

Scare Factor: Minimal. The thunderclap may get to a few, but this is perhaps a cool logo. The next logo is, however, another story...


Video Collection International


Nickname: "VCI of Doom", "Stacked VCI"

Logo: Against a black background with a gray wireframe globe, a bright light in the top left of the screen and some gray mist below, a metal object flips in, along with a red sphere. This is later revealed to be the C in "VCI", which flips around as it zooms out (with the sphere in the center). The letters "V" and "I" would later spin in and arrange themselves vertically.


 • There are 2 DVD Variants:

◦The DVD logo, which is also metallic, forms in the top right of the screen. ◦The VCI text fades out, the light glows and the DVD logo fades in. • On Sindy the Fairy Princess, after the logo ends, everything except the VCI text fades to black and the text moves to the left on the screen. The Optical Image logo fades into the right side and the word 'Presents' appear.


Cheesy Factor: On the 1st DVD variant, the aspect ratio is stretched to 16:9 (when it is 4:3). However, when the letters arrange, the logo turns into an actual widescreen aspect ratio.

Music/Sounds: A synth tune with some whooshing sounds.

Availability: Common. Can be seen from releases from this time, including Phoenix Nights, Dogma, and later Thomas The Tank Engine releases, among others.

Scare Factor: Medium to high. The obvious nature of the dark background, creepy music, gigantic VCI text, and the long peroid of silence with the logo starring can be a source of bad dreams for more than a few and have given more than a few people goosebumps, And the fact that the logo zooms out really close just doesn't help. Despite that, this logo is a favourite of some.