Background: Tig Productions is Kevin Costner's production company.


    Nickname: "The Pole Jumper" 

Logo: On a black background, we see a silhouette of a soldier jumping on a sports pole. The picture proceeds as a stroboscope animation, collecting together nine still shots of the jumping process, each one glowing purple as they appear. "Tig Productions" in a Times New Roman font, fades in below.Then the picture (except for the text) is wiped into blue color.

FX/SFX: The flashing on pictures fading-in, the color change. Simple, but effective animation.

Music/Sounds: A flute piece with strings playing throughout, or the closing theme of the movie.

Availability: Common. Can be seen on the opening credits of Dances with Wolves (on some recent prints, it does not appear at all in the original version) and Wyatt Earp. Other films like The BodyguardMessage in a Bottle, and For the Love of the Game have the logo at the end, while many other films don't have it. 

Scare Factor: Low.

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