Background: TiVo is a series of DVRs marketed by TiVo, Inc. It was introduced in 1999. (MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON!)

1st Logo (1999)

Logo: We see a 1940's-style B&W cartoon setting, with dancing trees, chickens, and flowers. A path goes through the scenery. As the camera scrolls to the right, the TiVo guy (consisting of a crudely-drawn black television set with legs, antennas, and a white smile with the word "TiVo" on it, colored red, green, yellow, and purple, repsectively) walks by. The TiVo guy jumps, and the scene suddenly changes into a cheaply made version of a neighborhood and the TiVo guy becomes some sort of marionette while he is still walking. The scene then changes into a colorful background with peace symbols and flowers flying all over the place while the TiVo guy then "dances". Then, the scene changes into a Godzilla-like parody with a giant TiVo guy in a city, barely downing a jet which passes by. Once again, the scene changes, only this time is a computerized land of polygons, wire frames, shapes, and other stuff (a la Nintendo 64) while the TiVo guy becomes a character made of polygons and pixels to make up his face. A lens flare then moves onto the TiVo guy and brightens, making the TiVo guy fully smooth walking by a white background. The TiVo guys settles by the words "is here," spelling out "TiVo is here." The TiVo guy stands still shortly after that. 

FX/SFX: The scene changing and the animation happening in the scene.

Cheesy Factor: The TiVo guy's eye (the O) can change tint sometimes, ranging from violet to pink to indigo.

Music/Sounds: A nice, piece of music with a choir which changes style when the scene changes. Also, don't forget to add the sound effects.

Availability: Extinct. It can only be seen on the premiere of the TiVo "Blue Moon" model. Half of this can be seen on the TiVo Roamio OTA Boot up screen.

Scare Factor: None. this is cute and soothing logo.


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