(2008- )

Nickname: "The Plane"

Logo: This logo is a tribute to the scene from The Mummy (1999). We see a moving shadow of an old plane flying above the desert. Then we see the plane itself, moving towards the sun. As it passes the hill, it freezes still and the box cuts everything but the central view. The name is below, reading SOMMERS COMPANY.

FX/SFX:: Great animation of the plane and the sands.

Trivia: The logo is a tribute to The Mummy film made in 1999 by the company. It shows the same scene of desert flight with the same type of plane.

Music/Sounds: A soundtrack somewhat similar to the one used in The Mummy Returns (2002).

Availability:: Currently in use. First debuted at the end of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Scare Factor:' None.

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