1st logo(1989-1997?)

Logo: On a black BG, two tilted rectangles (one gray, one red with "T.H.E" already inserted) coming from upside and downside. While the rectangles slowly zooming back while spinning slowly, "movie group" write themselves. When the logo already met it's position, the gray rectangle tilting itself, while "PRESENTS" glows for a while and turns gray. After this happened, there's a box outline surrounded the "T.H.E. movie group", with "T.H.E." underlined. FX/SFX: The zooms, the writings, and the appearances. Music/Sounds: A synthesized guitar-like sound. Availability: Ultra rare. Seen on Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back, some prints of KickboxerNear Misses, and Cadence, among others. Scare Factor: Low to medium, due to dark atmosphere and the music.

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