Nicknames: "Rolling Lens-Flare Ball"

Logo: On the white background, we see the gray ball with the lens-flare effect and shadow projecting, "rolling" slowly throughout the entire logo, the letters "T" and "P", both in dark-blue bold diagonal and red, respectively, flip in one-by-one, while the ball takes place as the letter "O", spelling it out "TOP" then the word "ENTERTAINMENT" in red forms from the red dust above the ball and "P" and on the right of the top-right of "T".

FX/SFX: Simple animation.

Music/Sounds: The 3rd Image Entertainment logo music, but starting at the first whoosh.

Availability: Pretty common.But Rare outside Indonesia.Can be found on today's VCDs (or possibly DVDs) in Indonesia. Usually preceeded by the Prime Movie Entertainment logo.

Scare Factor: None. You will laugh at that for using the music from another logo.

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