1st logo (2008-2015)

Nickname:'The Explosion'

Logo:We start at a black background, then an explosion occurs, revealing a blue MM-like Bullseye (but animated) with the text SAMINATION in the 'Taco-Man' font. Then the logo ends with the text zooming in, fasterly.

SFX/FX:The explosion and the text zooming in. Nice Samination animation for an animation YouTube logo in 2008.

Music/Sounds:An explosion sound and a dramatic 7-note fanfre.

Scare Factor:None to low due to the explosion exploding out of no-where.

Second logo (2015-)

Nickname:The Explosion II'

Logo:Same as logo 1,but instead of a black background, it's the final frame of the video.Also instead of the SAMINATION text zooming at us,it stays still.

SFX/FX:Same as logo 1

Music/Sounds:Same as logo 1

Music/Sounds Variant:In Taco-Man Plays Tomb Raider Part Two, after the normal music,goofy laughing sounds are heard.

Scare Factor:Depending on the variant...:

Normal version:None,it still lacks the black background,but the explosion is still there.

Tomb Raider Part 2 Variant:It can elevate from minimal at low due to the obnoxious laughing.


Nickname:'Saturn Planet' , 'Ebolaworld Planet' , 'Cheering of Doom' , 'Filmed in a Live-Studio ARGH!!!-ience'


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