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Logo descriptions by Matt Williams and Adam Pringle Logo captures by Eric S., V of Doom, Logophile, and codyfinke Editions by Logophile and kidinbed Videos courtesy of metrodfclpt and JohnnyL80

Background: Rysher Entertainment was founded by ex-sports broadcaster Keith Samples in 1991 as a television syndication company, expanding into TV and feature film production. Cox Enterprises bought Rysher for $15 million in 1993. It was later acquired by 2929 Entertainment in 2001 and Qualia Capital acquired Rysher's library on March 29, 2006 for $100 million.

1st Logo (1991-1993)

Rysher Entertainment (1991)Rysher Distribution

Nicknames: "Starry Chyron", "Star Night"

Logo: We see a black/dark blue gradient background with dozens of stars tingling away. The words "RYSHER ENTERTAINMENT" fade in on the background in a white, generic font. "RYSHER" is on top of "ENTERTAINMENT" with both words centered and has two stars on the left and right of "ENTERTAINMENT" fade in respectively.

Variant: On the first season of Highlander, there is a still shot where it says "Distributed By" on top and "ENTERTAINMENT" is replaced with "DISTRIBUTION".

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: The animation is extremely cheap and reeks of early CGI. The font is pretty ugly, too.

Music/Sounds: With a deep pindrop sound and chimes, we hear a jazzy saxophone tune that almost sounds like Kenny G playing.

Availability: Uncommon. It is seen on Saved By the Bell reruns on E!, and still can be seen on the DVD box sets. Local syndicated reruns of Bell now have the NBCUniversal logo instead of this one.

Scare Factor: Minimal to medium. The cheap animation mixed with the dark background, somber music, and ugly-looking font don't give this logo a clean slate, but fans of Kenny G might find this logo relaxing.

2nd Logo (1993-2003)

Rysher Entertainment (1993)Rysher Entertainment (Produced in Association with)Rysher TPERysher TPETheatrical version of the Rysher  logo.

Rysher Entertainment (A Cox Company)Rysher Entertainment (1993)Rysher Entertainment (1996)Rysher Entertainment (PIAW)Rysher Entertainment (AIAW)

Nicknames: "The Buildings", "CGI City Skyline"

Logo: On the top half of the screen, there is a picture of a city (with hills in the background) at what appears to be sunset. The sun "sets" and stars and the lights in the city buildings appear, as do the words "RYSHER ENTERTAINMENT" in beige. "RYSHER" is in a large extremely condensed Times New Roman-style font and "ENTERTAINMENT" is seen in a smallish font below it. A comet streaks in the city sky as the animation finishes.

Variants: This logo was redone for movies. The notable differences are: the words are now done in CGI and are in copper, the city and sky look nicer, the hills have been changed to mountains and the sky is more blueish (it was purple on the standard version). A short version was used on TV around 1996. Around 1996 or so, the words "A COX COMPANY" appear beneath the logo. When Rysher merged with Television Program Enterprises in 1995, the text read "RYSHER TPE", with a line under "YSHE", and the text shrinks as it sets. Sometimes, "in association with", "And in Association with", or "Produced in Association with" would be seen above the logo.

FX/SFX: The sky fading and comet.

Music/Sounds: A mellow horn tune with synth drums plays, with what sounds like a bird screeching (which was probably just a flute) at the end of the music. In other cases, it used only the opening/closing theme of the show or TV movie, or it's silent.

Music/Sounds Variants: A very few number of times, this logo could be heard with the first logo's theme. This is usually heard with the "Cox Company" variant. There is also an extended version of the 1993 music.

Availability: Common. It appears on syndie reruns of Saved by the Bell: The College Years on MTV2 and Nash Bridges occasionally on Cloo. The Rysher TPE logo is rare, but still remains intact on all 4 episodes of Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style on MTV2, original prints of Highlander episodes from 1995-1996, and appears on the pilot of Robocop: The Series entitled "The Future of Law Enforcement" on VHS. The end theme of the show served as the logo's music and the words "Produced in association with" seen at the top of the screen. The theatrical version can be seen on Destiny Turns On The Radio, Three Wishes, White Man's Burden, Private Parts, Zeus and Roxanne, Rasputin, It Takes Two, Turbulence, House Arrest, The Eighteenth Angel, and Kingpin.

Scare Factor: None to minimal. The music, font, and animation are quite better than the first logo, but some may be startled by it.

1st (1991-1993)

2nd (1993-2003)

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