RatPac Entertainment is a motion picture financing company/production company formed by filmmaker Brett Ratner and billionaire James Packer. The company merged with Dune Entertainment, which became a co-financing partner with Warner Bros., following the expiration of their contract with Legendary Pictures. The name eventually became RatPac-Dune Entertainment, which is a company in-name only; the company is credited on movies as RatPac Entertainment.

(June 10th, 2014-)

Logo: A burst of light occurs in the center, emitting blue-gray rays. The camera spins toward the center, spinning the rays until they form two solid beams adjacent to each other. The two solid beams then spin around to reveal two solid objects. The camera stops spinning and the objects then center into place. One of the objects is a right triangle, while the other object seems to be half of a rounded rectangle with the lower left corner cut to fit the right triangle on the bottom. The descriptor fades in, and the logo zooms back a bit and shines.


  • There is a version where the company name is omitted.
  • Starting with Run All Night, it is enhanced.

Byline: Beginning at the end of Dunkirk, released on July 21st, 2017, onwards, the byline "An Access Entertainment Company" is seen at the bottom. The normal version (w/ byline) debuted on IT.

FX/SFX: Intricate CGI that is nicely executed.

Music/Sounds: A suspenseful percussion tune with a synth orchestra in the background.

Music/SSoinds Variants:

  • Sometimes, it has the opening theme playing over it.
  • On The LEGO Batman Movie​, the opening theme of the movie plays while Batman narrates over the logo: "Hmmm. Not sure what RatPac does, but that logo is macho." When it fade out, he said "I dig it." A loud clang is heard as the logo comes together.

Availability: Seen on movies starting with Edge of Tomorrow. The normal textless version is last seen on The House.

Scare Factor: None.

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