1st (only) Logo


Nickname: "Stamper of Doom"

Passport International Promotions, Inc00:05

Passport International Promotions, Inc. (1990s)

Logo: On a black background, we see the stamper flying while the door flying and the word "PASSPORT" sliding and the stamper stamping an Earth. The words "International Productions, Inc." appearing.

FX/Cheesy Factor: Decent CGI animation, but it looks like they barely put any effort into this one.

Music/Sounds: A droning synth note with a everlasting "THUD!" (Which may be the stamper that's doing it).

Availability: Ultra rare. As seen on some DVDs & VHSs of old films.

Scare Factor: Medium to high, the animation, music and darkness may not sit well with some people.

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