Background: Overbrook Entertainment is Will Smith's production company, named after Will Smith's high school, Overbrook High School in West Philadelphia, PA. The company didn't use a proper logo until 2003.

(2003- ) Nickname: "The Record"

Logo: On a black background, there is an orange circle with a black needle in the center and a circular line around it. It begins spinning with white streaks close to it. The camera zooms to the circle, then the camera zooms upward, revealing it is a record. As the camera zooms up, the record is in a box with a white border. As this happens, the letters "O," "V," "E," "R," "B," "R," "O," "O" amd "K" fly into the box from random places. The camera stops zooming, the record stops spinning and the letters make "Overbrook". "ENTERTAINMENT" appears below.

Variant: The television version of this logo is almost the same as the movie version. However, "Entertainment" in small lettering is wiping in from the center in black lettering is seen on the record rather then below it underneath a box. The text "In Association With" is seen fading-in below it as the record stops and zooms-out. The record starts spinning again by spinning off the word "Overbrook" and "Entertainment" would wipe away.

FX/SFX: The record spinning, the camera zooming, the letters.

Music/Sounds: Usually the beginning of the movie's theme, though on Hitch before playing the movie's theme, it did have the sound of a record being put on the player.

Availability: Common. Seen on films from the company such as HitchThe Pursuit of HappynessI Am Legend, Hancock and the TV series All of Us on TV One.

Scare Factor: Minimum bordering on low, the animation may creep out some people.

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