(September 14th, 2001-Mid 2007)

Logo: Against a black background, a purple cube drops in the middle of the screen (causing a hexagon shape to flash briefly) and begins rolling around, forming a blocky purple "G" out of squares. When the cube finishes rolling, it spins around rapidly and lands in the center of the "G", causing it to shake a bit as the hexagon shape flashes again, and the cube's trail of squares solidifies into a solid line with a large cube in the center, and the words "GAMECUBE", in white, drop out from under it. The word "NINTENDO", in small gray letters, unfolds above it.


  • On various GameCube commercials and the bonus disc for the game Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, the cube rotates to it's position before the letters fade in one by one. The FOV is slightly higher than normal, making the G look indigo.
  • On Wii consoles for when GameCube discs are in them, it is still with the lines travelling down the screen behind.
  • The cube can be turned around by using the A button. If you keep turning it, the GameCube menu will appear.
  • If you turn on the GameCube with your cover open, or manage your memory card, it is still. Plus, you go to the GameCube menu.

FX/SFX: The cube dropping, the hexagon shape flashing, the cube rolling around, then jumping and landing in the center of the "G", followed by the words "NINTENDO" and "GAMECUBE" appearing, using their unfolding and drop out effects.

Music/Sounds: The logo begins with a laser zap, which is followed by a series of xylophone notes. Finally, a short drum roll is heard, along with a string chord.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • If the console's cover is open, several synthesized "humming" sounds are heard as the menu forms.
  • Depending on how much you spin the cube around with A, some of the "humming" sounds that segue into the menu screen can be heard, which dim the regular logo's audio.
  • If you turn on the GameCube with the "Z" button held on your controller, a different tune plays. However, if multiple people are playing, and the "Z" button is held on all 4 of the controllers, then yet another different tune plays. Here are the variants.
    • 1 controller: A series of squeaking, along with some vibraphone notes, which ends in the sound of a spring ("boing") and a child laughing.
    • 4 controllers: A series of Japanese drum beats, accompanied by a Japanese man yelling at the beginning, which ends in a "ding".
  • On the commercial variant, the woman whispers "GameCube".

Availability: Seen when you turn on the Nintendo Gamecube.

Scare Factor: None for the regular variant, but the other variants might surprise you if you aren't expecting them to appear.

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