The Nintendo 64 Disc Drive (or the N64DD) was a short lived add-on for the Nintendo 64. It was released in 1999, and had features such as Internet access and the use of discs instead of cartridges. Unfortunately, it didn't sell too well, selling only about 15,000 copies. The Internet service it ran on, RandNet, closed down in 2001, and the rest is history.


64DD Startup (No disk inserted)02:12

64DD Startup (No disk inserted)

Nickname: "Mario Runs"

Logo: On a blue gradient background, we see the giant "N" from the Nintendo 64 logo rise, creating ripples, and at the same time, rotating, in white. It then settles on the center of the screen, and then it changes to it's signature colors (yellow, red, green, and blue) and creates a reflection on the surface, while at the same time, the background changes to white. Also, "NINTENDO64" fades in above the "N", respectiviely with "NINTENDO" in blue, and "64" in red. Then, the "N" drops and hits the surface, which has now become a floor. 64-bit Mario from Super Mario 64 then peeks out from behind the "N" and waves, and then sneaks back behind it, before walking out and kicking the "N". Now, the fun begins as Mario runs around jumping, kicking, and even attacking the "N". The "N" also occasionally bounces, changes size, and even changes textures.

Variants: Depending on whether you have a disc in the DD or not:

  • If no disc is inserted when you power on the DD, some green Japanese text flashes below the N64 logo telling you so. Along with that, the animation continues to play.
  • If a disc is inserted when you power on the DD, only the first part of the animation plays. After that, the logo cuts to black, and your game starts.

FX/SFX: The "N" rising, the ripples, the "N" dropping, and the animation.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized "whoosh", then a pounding synth hit.

Availability: Ultra rare. Good luck finding yourself a DD, let alone the fact that only about 15,000 copies of it were made.

Scare Factor:None to Minimal.It is rather funny. Unless Mario gets on you.

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