Logo description by Eric S. and WizardDuck Logo captures by Eric S. Editions by Logophile Video capture by Logophile

Background: Miramax Television is the television division of Miramax Films. Until 2001, Miramax Television didn't had a proper logo, only generic texts saying "MIRAMAX TELEVISION".

1st Logo (2001-2014)

Miramax TelevisionMiramax TelevisionThe Weinstein Company Television/Miramax Television

Logo: Basically the same as the 1999 movie logo, except that "TELEVISION" replaces "FILMS". It's also videotaped and sped-up.


• In 2004 on FX, on a promotion show for the movie Hero, it just had a simple zoom in of the logo.

•2005-2014: Starting on S2 of Project Runway, this logo is seen under The Weinstein Company Television logo.

FX/SFX: Same as the 1999 movie logo.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show or none.

Availability: Can be seen on Project Runway on Lifetime and Bravo and Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee on Food Network. The Hero variation is extinct. It appeared on the trailer for A Wrinkle in Time (found on the Spy Kids 2001 VHS/DVD), but by the time it debuted, the Dimension Television logo appeared instead. It's also seen on the English dubbed episodes of Tokyo Pig.

Scare Factor: Depends on the logo: • Low, the fast pace might catch you off-guard. • None for the Weinstein Company/Miramax TV combo.

2nd Logo (2014- ) TBA!

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