Mass Media (2003)00:11

Mass Media (2003)

Logo: The viewer's screen fades in to a view of a purple elephant, which is seen standing on a mini television. The camera zooms away from it slightly, while turning, also slightly, to face the television, but in a diagonal way. The elephant then trumpets, and the television turns on, with the screen flickering as if there is nothing playing on it. Then, a spotlight comes off of the television and constantly, at speed, goes from left to right, slowly forming the words "mass • media" (with a purple dot in between them) below it and the elephant. The completed logo then shines/shimmers, while the words and the dot solidify.

FX/SFX: The elephant's animation, it's trumpeting, the television turning on, the spotlight forming the words, and the shining of the completed logo, as well as the words and the dot solidifying.

Music/Sounds: Begins with the sound of crickets, accompanied by certain other birds, as if it is nighttime. Then, the sound of an elephant trumpeting is heard, followed by a "twanging" sound. After that is an electric zap sound, which sustains itself for a little bit, and then finally, a sound of a car passing by.

Availability: Seen on the 2001 edition of Namco Museum, as well as 2003's Muppets Party Cruise.

Scare Factor: None, although the different sound effects can cause some surprises.

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