1st Logo (1977-1979?)

Nickname: "Mirrored M-Circle"

Logo: Same as the Magnetic Video UK logo.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen on a Betamax copy of The Blue Max.

Scare Factor: Same as the Magnetic Video UK logo.

2nd Logo (1979?-1981)

Nickname: "Mirrored M-Circle II"

Logo: We see the Magnetic Video logo with white text below it reading "Magnetic Video (South Pacific)". All of this is on a green, kaleidoscopic, out of focus background (possibly live-action).

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: Just the background moving in and out of focus. The whole logo is an eyesore.

Music/Sounds: The Cinemascope extension of the 20th Century Fox fanfare from 1954.

Availability: UItra rare. Seen on a Betamax copy of The Young Lions.

Scare Factor: Low to medium.

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