Edge of Tomorrow (2014): The first feature to use this logo. The nameless logo starts as normal, but it abruptly cut to black as the static goes. The logo resumes as normal (Beginning with the rotation). When the logo fades to black, it cuts abruptly again, then the logo's shining repeats briefly and cuts to start the film.

Jersey Boys (2014): The already-formed, nameless still logo is green on a black background.

American Sniper (2015): The logo is already formed and it is still.

Jupiter Ascending (2015): The logo is gold with engraving on it and is set on a starry background.

The Water Diviner (2015): The still, nameless logo is orange and is zooming forward on black background.

Run All Night (2015): The logo is silver.

Horrible Bosses 2 (2015): The nameless logo is shortened, beginning with the rotation.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016): The already-formed logo is made out of stone, and zooms in (Along with Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics logos).

Suicide Squad (2016): The already-formed, nameless logo is metallic, covered in green, blue and pink paint, with a pink light surrounding it, and put upon a light green background. (Along with the Warner Bros. Pictures and DC logos). Also, it is zooming forward

Storks (2016): Beginning where the WBP/WAG logo left off (After fading out), the already-formed logo fades in and shines differently.

It (2017): Same as the Horrible Bosses 2 variant, but the logo is also made of stone and put upon a stormy sky with rain falling down.