300 (2007): The logo is in stone.


The Dark Knight (2008): The logo is in a navy blue tint.


Watchmen (2009): The logo is black on a goldenrod background, and "Legendary Pictures" is in Futura, just like the Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Entertainment, and Paramount logos. _____________________________________________________________________________________' 'Watchmen: Under the Hood (2009): The logo is banana yellow on a black stripe between two banana yellow stripes, and the other logos (Warner Premiere, Paramount Pictures, and DC) fly in succession with the same variation.

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Where the Wild Things Are (2009): The logo is covered with Max's scribblings, just like the Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow versions.

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Ninja Assasin (2009): The logo is metallic and moves differently. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Man of Steel (2013): The logo is metallic steel and moves differently on a tunnel-like background. 

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