1st Logo


"Kapok AV" logo. Hong Kong home video logo from a LaserDisc...00:29

"Kapok AV" logo. Hong Kong home video logo from a LaserDisc....-0

Logo: We wander on the forest filled with grass, flowers, and other weird animals, like birds with megaphone-look-a-like mouth. After we pass between two trees, we are at the sea with pink dolphins, pink octopus, and blue shark fins, all at the sea except for the brownish-grey-coloured seagulls. All of these animals sprout rainbow fireworks. The rockman was then woken up and sprout what look like is paint splash, which then covers the entire screen. "AV" was drawn with a circle between them, and then "木棉花" (Kapok) slides from the left, breaks, and stops on the center.

FX/SFX: Looks great and decent CGI animations.

Music/Sounds: A jungle-sounding music with "sprinkling" SFXs.

Availability: Spotted on releases from the company, including Ultraman.

Scare Factor: Minimal. This is a favorite of many.

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