Hikon Film Video Distribution was an independent distribution company in the United Kingdom that was active throughout the 80s. They've mainly distributed lesser known films and alleged video nasties. The company was ultimately closed due to confrontation over their content.


Nickname: "The Eye of Doom", "Kissing in the (Early) Moonlight"

Logo: We see an image of a cloudy sky. Then, via a "rippling" effect, a video of a sunset sky (you can see the clouds moving) over a beach wipes in. Many lavender circles are shown in two rows, as if they were spotlights. A human eye then zooms in below the circles and stops very close to the screen. A moon appears over the iris and pupil of the eye. The silhouette of many theater seats and a couple kissing each other in the middle of them appears at the bottom of the screen. Finally, the words "A HIKON FILM" fade in over the moon via "rippling" effect, arranged like this:


FX/SFX: The rippling effects, the clouds moving, the zooming, and the fading.

Cheesy Factor: The animation reeks of some of the most cheesiest effects ever seen in an '80s home video logo.

Music/Sounds/Voice-over: A "coming at you" synth theme, followed by some people chanting repeatedly "Hikon, Hikon, Hikon..." until we hear a shattering glass sound. Then, one of two voiceovers will say the words "A Hikon Film"

  • Either a calm-sounding man saying "A Hikon Film...",
  • Or male voices saying loudly in unison "A HIKON FILM!".

Availability: Ultra-rare. Might be found on British releases of video nasties, which are very hard to find, even on websites like eBay.

Scare Factor:

  • First Voiceover: Medium to high. The music combined with the ugliness of the logo as well as the way the eye zooms in and the words appear can cause scares.
  • Second Voiceover: Medium to nightmare. The unison version is no better, although some might find it unintentionally hilarious due to the voices sounding almost drunk.

The scare factor is lower for those who are used to seeing it.

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