Logo description by Averon25

Logo capture by Enormous Rat


Nickname: "Bird Origami", "Mandragora Movies' Russian Relative"

Logo: We start on a black background. Then it quickly changes to the wooden table with the vertical barn door wipe transition. On the wooden table, there's a sheet of paper with the script to the Real Boys episode written on it, on the left of it is a steel ruler, a pencil and a ballpoint pen, on the right of it is another pencil, a pencil sharpener and three sheets of paper, a pair of hands appear and folds the paper into the bird origami, the live-action footage is sped up, when the folding is done, the company name flips in word-by-word below the origami, or just fades in.

FX/SFX: Hands folding the paper into the origami, and the company name appearing. It's in the stop-motion live action, plus the text is CGI animated.

Music/Sounds: A calm 7-note piano jingle accompanied by the paper crumpling sound.

Availability: Seen on Real Boys (Реальные пацаны), Sweet Life (Сладкая жизнь) and Fizruk (Физрук) on TNT (Russia).

Scare Factor: Low, unless if you're afraid of the sped-up footage.

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