Background: Gary Sanchez Productions is the production company of director Adam McKay and actor Will Ferrell.


Logo: On a white background, a coffee cup on a saucer flies into view. Two gunshots ring out, then a pistol, still smoking from being fired, is tossed beside to the cup and saucer. As the camera pulls back, a black-sleeved hand appears on the bottom left corner carrying a small silver kettle. The hand pours the kettle into the cup, which is full of black coffee. After the cup is filled, the hand quickly disappears and the camera stops at a shot of a full cup of coffee in a saucer with a pistol next to it. A man's voice says something in Spanish ("Esta bien, dulo (?), a'ight?") and three more gunshots are heard, during which a little white star appears over the coffee cup and the name "GARY SANCHEZ PRODUCTIONS" appears slightly to the left underneath the coffee cup and the pistol.

Trivia: Adam McKay and Will Ferrell are also the founders of the humor website Funny or Die. The name on the logo refers to a (most likely fictional) entrepreneur and financier who is acquainted with the two men.


  • On The Foot Fist Way, the logo was seen from an angle and the cup and saucer were made of silver. The logo just zooms out, the star appears, and the company name appears.
  • Starting in 2013, the pistol has been replaced with a Whip.
  • Sometimes, the pistol is absent.

FX/SFX: Mostly live action.

Cheesy Factor: The man's accent is somewhat cheesy at best.


  • (2006-2013): Five gunshots (two before the pistol is tossed beside the cup, three more near the very end), the hand pouring coffee into the cup, and a man's raspy (if not slightly accented) voice.
  • (2013-): Four whip strikes (two before the whip is laid beside the cup, two after that), sound of whip tossing and tea pouring, with no voiceover.

Music Variants:

  • Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters has the opening theme to the movie with the gunshots and coffee getting poured.
  • On The Campaign, only the gunshots and coffee pouring are heard.
  • On Casa de mi Padre, an alternate voice-over is used, with a man saying "Ahh, delicious".

Availability: Common. The logo debuted on GSP's first production, The Foot Fist Way. It can also be seen on the HBO series Eastbound and DownFunny or Die Presents, and Comedy Central's Big Lake. Was also seen on the film The Other Guys. The "whip" version made its debut on Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Scare Factor: Minimal, unless the sound of gunshots (or, since 2013, whip strikes) startles you.

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