Fox Searchlight Pictures was formed in 1994 under News Corporation (now "21st Century Fox, Inc.") as an art-house label of Twentieth Century Fox to produce and distribute all independent, artistic, foreign, horror, African-American, and alternative film releases.

1st Logo

Logo: On a black background is a vertical white line on the middle-left which protrudes to the bottom of the middle. On the right of the line is:


FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: Just the soundtrack of the trailer.

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen after the 1994 20th Century Fox logo on the trailer for The Brothers McMullen.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo

Nicknames: "Searchlights", "Still Searchlights", "Fox Structure", "Still Fox Structure", "Fox Searchlight Structure"

Logo: It's the still version of the 1994 20th Century Fox logo, except "20th CENTURY FOX" is replaced with "FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES", with "SEARCHLIGHT" in the middle larger, and with "FOX" above and "PICTURES" below, respectively. The News Corporation byline is still there.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None or the opening theme of the movie/trailer.

Availability: Rare. Seen on trailers for very early Fox Searchlight Pictures releases. However, the only releases with this logo are Girl 6, She's the One, and Looking for Richard. Current prints of the latter two films have the next logo or the 1994 20th Century Fox logo plastering it, though it survives on Girl 6 with the 1994 logo preceding it.

Scare Factor: None.

3rd Logo
(August 9, 1995-February 11, 2011)

Nicknames: "CGI City Skyline Searchlights", "Fox Structure II", "Fox Searchlight Structure II"

Logo: We start out looking at a city skyline (most likely that of Los Angeles). The camera begins to move right, past a searchlight. The searchlight turns on, followed by many more in the background turning on in sync with the drumrolls of the Fox fanfare. We pan past the usual front-left searchlight and we then reach the middle of the Fox "stack" structure, but instead of seeing a narrow "CENTURY", we see a large "SEARCHLIGHT". The camera pulls back and reveals "FOX" above and "PICTURES" below. After the logo is finished zooming out, the byline "A NEWS CORPORATION COMPANY" fades in, then the rightmost searchlight moves towards us, engulfing the screen with bright light, then the light dims out to black.


  • On some films, the News Corporation byline is slightly smaller. Primarily, this is used for movies with a wider aspect ratio, but on some movies, such as Slums of Beverly Hills and Boys Don't Cry, it is used on the regular 16:9 version of the logo, while some wider films, such as Titus and Slumdog Millionaire (Low-Toned version of the fanfare), use the regular byline instead.
  • At the beginning of I Heart Hackabees, after searchlight fills the screen with light, the narration is heard, then it fades to the film's opening.

FX/SFX: The movement of the camera.

Music/Sounds: Few seconds of silence, as the searchlight turns on, the 1994 Fox fanfare plays. Later replaced in 1998 with the 1997 Fox fanfare.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On some films like 28 Days Later and Slumdog Millionaire, there is a low-toned version of the fanfare.
  • The Darjeeling Limited uses the short version of the 1997 Fox fanfare.

Availability: Common. It's seen on indie, art-house, and foreign movie releases distributed by Fox from this era. The logo premiered on The Brothers McMullen (Strangely, it wasn't shown on the original 1996 VHS release of the film, which the logo was plastered by the 1994 20th Century Fox logo, but with the off-sync 1994 fanfare, despite having the early FSP logo on the cover and the 1995 print logo on the label); and made its final theatrical appearance on Cedar Rapids (though the trailers for said film use the next logo instead). Although this made a strange appearance on the 2011 film Margaret

Scare Factor: None.

4th Logo
(March 18, 2011- )

Nicknames: "CGI City Skyline Searchlights II", "Enhanced City Skyline Searchlights", "Fox Structure III", "Fox Searchlight Structure III"

Logo: A redone and more realistic version of the 1995 Fox Searchlight Pictures logo based on the structure of the 2009 20th Century Fox logo; this time, it is in a dark/orange evening environment. Like the TCF logo, a pair of palm trees is visible on the bottom right hand corner.

Trivia: This logo is based on the 2009 TCF logo designed by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha and was animated at Blue Sky Studios.


  • There are variants where the structure is seen in an extreme close-up (ala cropped from scope into 1.78:1) or shown at a far distance in the entire 16:9 frame.
  • There was a 4:3 variant seen on a TV spot for a recent film.
  • Starting with the release of Enough Said on September 20, 2013, the News Corporation byline is excluded and the logo is bylineless for the first time ever. This is mainly due to the aforementioned split on June 28, 2013.

FX/SFX: Same as before.

Music/Sounds: The 1997 Fox fanfare.

Availability: First seen on the trailers for The Tree of Life, Cedar Rapids and later trailers for Win Win (Where the logo first debuted). The last film to use this logo with the News Corporation byline was The Way Way Back, released on July 5, 2013.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

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