1st (known) Logo (1980s-1990s) Logo: On a black/puce gradient BG with a reflective floor and thick lines, one of which contains pale rainbow colors, we see a stylized glass A with sprocket holes on one side zooming out and rotating into place, along with that are three bars colored red, green, and blue. The lines arrange themselves under the prism as "FILM AUSTRALIA" in a serif font slide in toward the left of the screen on the rainbow line.

Variant: On Johnson and Friends, the logo would fold away into a cube shape and bounce off the screen, segueing into the show's intro.

FX/SFX: The prism and lines moving into place, the company name sliding in; nice CGI for the time. Music/Sounds: A patriotic synthesized oboe/clarinet tune ending with a synthesized orchestra sounder.

Availability: Rare. Seen on old Australian prints of old films and TV shows. Was also seen on Johnson and Friends (not sure if the American airings on Fox Kids had it).

Scare Factor: Minimal. Nothing too scary about this logo. Some people might adore the the pretty,patriotic music however.

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