DreamWorks Animation is an independent American animation studio which primarily produces a series of critically and commercially successful computer animated films, including Shrek, Shark Tale, Madagascar, Over the Hedge, Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters vs. Aliens, How to Train Your Dragon, and MegaMind. It was formed by the merger of the feature animation division of DreamWorks SKG and Pacific Data Images (PDI). Originally formed under the banner of DreamWorks SKG, it was spun-off into a separate public company in 2004. Starting with Over the Hedge, their movies were distributed through Paramount Pictures (in turn owned by Viacom), who acquired the rest of DreamWorks SKG in February 2006. However, in August 2012, DreamWorks Animation signed a five-year distribution deal with 20th Century Fox, a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox Inc., which began after the release of Rise of the Guardians. DreamWorks Animation maintains two studios: the original DreamWorks feature animation studio in Glendale, California and the PDI studio in Redwood City, California. On August 22, 2016, DreamWorks Animation was acquired by Comcast, and became a unit of NBCUniversal.

1st Logo
(May 21, 2004-July 28, 2009)

Nicknames: "The Rainbow Balloon Kid", "Little Boy Fishing On the Moon", "Fishing Boy", "Daytime DreamWorks"

Logo: We pan up through a cloudy blue sky as we see the familiar DreamWorks crescent moon. A boy flies up onto the moon holding a bunch of balloons, and as he takes his place, he takes out his fishing rod and casts it, while letting go of the balloons. The camera pans up further into the clouds, as the balloons fly up and then pop into the rainbow-colored letters "DREAMWORKS", in its corporate font. The text slightly eases in as "ANIMATION" or "ANIMATION SKG", underneath a blue line, fades in underneath.


  • A still version of the logo exists at the end of DWA films.
  • Starting with Shark Tale (Through its variation) and ended with Wallace & Gromit in 'The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, "SKG" is now added next to "ANIMATION".
    • On the latter, it is shortened at the beginning when the balloons rise.
  • On Over the Hedge, the words "ANIMATION SKG" is deleted, because Paramount acquired the DreamWorks property.
  • In November 2006 with Flushed Away, the kid and the moon appear above the text, "SKG" is now placed in between two lines, exactly the same style as the standard DreamWorks SKG logo, and the cumulonimbus clouds behind the two cumulonimbus clouds have been removed.
    • When it updated in 2007 with Shrek the Third (Through its variation), "ANIMATION" is added next to "SKG".
  • In November 2008, there are more clouds (so much they surround the kid on the moon!) and when the kid releases the balloons, the camera doesn't pan up, it stays on the kid on the moon. The text appears below.
  • The print version is used on handheld versions of DWA video games.

FX/SFX: The kid rising and the rainbow Balloons forming the logo. Excellent CGI for the logo.

Music/Sounds: A majestic/peaceful orchestrated piece based off the track "Fairytale" from Shrek. For the still version, none.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third (Through its variation), the music is originally used to be the opening stinger, but the opening theme starts afterwards.
  • On Madagascar (and its console version of the videogame),  it has the opening song starting over it.
  • At the end of Madagascar, the very last sound ends when it fades from black.
  • On Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, it has the first half of the opening stinger, based on the music used in the following feature, playing over it and carries to the Aardman logo.
  • On Over the Hedge, the opening stinger, based on the music used in the following feature, plays over it.
  • On Flushed Away:
    • At the beginning, it has the opening theme.
    • At the end, the music from earlier in the feature over it.

Availability: Common. The normal version is seen on videogames starting from Shark Tale and made its last appearance on a surprise appearance at the end of The Plum Landing Movie (which uses the next logo below at the beginning), and on DVD releases from Shrek 2 to Over the Hedge. Strangely, it was seen on The Ghost of Lord Farquaad, not on the Shrek's Thrilling Tales DVD, but on a DVD Shrek sampler on General Mills packages of Cookie Crisp.

Scare Factor: None. This is a beautiful logo.

2nd Logo
(February 1, 2009, July 28, 2009- )

Nicknames: "Little Boy Fishing On the Moon II", "Fishing Boy II", "Nighttime DreamWorks"


  • March 26, 2010-: In a starry nighttime sky, we see a full moon. A shadow appears on it as it turns into a crescent moon, revealing the boy from the last logo sitting on it. The boy takes out his fishing rod and casts it. The camera pans out as he swings the road around the fuchsia clouds. The words "DREAMWORKS" zoom out in violet and spread one-by-one below the moon, then finally we see on a violet line "ANIMATION SKG".


  • On Gift of the Night Fury, it fades in beginning when the clouds disappear.
  • On Almost Home, it fades in just before the letters fly in. After the "Animation SKG" line fades in, it dissolves to the opening shot.
  • In 2014, a special 20th anniversary variant was created. The logo starts as normal, but when the boy's fishing hook swings by the screen, it sweeps up letters that form the word "YEARS" which then settle underneath the moon. From there, the number "2" appears to the left of the moon (with the moon taking the place of the "0" to form the "20") and the words "OF DREAMS" and "AND LAUGHTER" fade in below "YEARS" in columns. The DreamWorks text then fades in above the "20". The still version is seen on DreamWorks' Penguins of Madagascar (2014 movie) and How to Train Your Dragon 2. On the DreamWorks' anniversary brand campaign, copyright information appears underneath the logo.
  • On Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, after it completes it fades to blqck in which then yellow notebook paper fills in serging to the fictional Tree House Comix, Inc. logo.

Trivia: This was unveiled in the Super Bowl TV spot for Monsters vs. Aliens.


Music/Sounds: An extended version of the theme from the last logo. This theme debuted on Shrek: Forever After and it's rarely used. It more commonly uses the opening theme. The closing and the 20 Years versions is silent.

Music/Sounds Variant:

  • On Puss in Boots, the opening stinger (Based on the Latino music used in movie) plays over it, in which serges into the opening theme when it completes. As the boy releases the hook with his fishing rod, we hear a cracking whip.
  • On GotNF version, it has the opening stinger playing over it.
  • On the Shrek 3-D reissue titled as "The Ghost of Lord Fradquad", the end of the previous logo's music is heard.
  • On the CU:TFEM version, part through George Beard (Kevin Hart) and Harold Hutchins (Thomas Middleditch), whose names are revealed in the introduction, joins in by humming and mouthing the music. George then said over the opening shot "DreamWorks Animation presents."

Availability: Current and common. The normal version is seen on Shrek: Forever After, The Legend of the Bonesnapper Dragon, and Shrek the Musical. Variations is seen on that page.

Scare Factor: None.

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