Background: Dark Castle Entertainment is a genre division of Silver Pictures, a production house affiliated with Warner Bros.. It was formed in 1999 by Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis, and Gilbert Adler. Its first film was House on Haunted Hill.

(1999- )

Nicknames: "DARK CASTLE, AHH!!!", "Super Scary Statue", "The House on Haunted Hill"

Logo: On a black background, we see thunder panning around what appears to be a Gargoyle head. We zoom out, and the statue opens it's eyes and mouth and roars. Then we continue zooming out of a castle, which turns cartoonish. A box goes around the picture and crops it. The text "DARK CASTLE" in a grungy font appears, and "ENTERTAINMENT" fades in under it.

Variants: On Echelon Conspiracy, horizontal sparks are shown at the beginning.

At the end of Suburbicon (the company's first film in four years), the logo is shortened.

FX/SFX: Wonderful CGI (for 1999).

Music/Sounds: Thunder sounds, a dark, ominous music composition, and of course, the terrifying gargoyle's roar. For the Echelon Conspiracy version, only the roar and thunder sounds. Silent for the shortened version.

Availability: Current, can be seen on horror and thriller movies like GothikaHouse Of Wax, and Ghost Ship.

Scare Factor: High to nightmare. The dark, ominous nature of the logo will not sit well with some viewers. However, if you see the logo a lot and can stand scary monsters, you may like it.