DNA Productions is an animation company founded in 1987 by John A. Davis and Keith Alcorn. One of the most successful projects was Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and its animated spin-off series on Nickelodeon. The production company closed down in 2006, after the release of The Ant Bully, which was a box office flop during its theatrical run. Many of its employees went to work for Reel FX Creative Studios, while others went to O Entertainment and founded its animation division, Omation.

1st Logo (1992-1994)

Logo: On a white background, on the rectangle are the grayscaled pictures of the three people (two of which is founders John A. Davis & Keith Alcorn) with vivid expressions on their faces. Copyright info is seen under the rectangle.

Variants: Two shorts from 1994 had the wobbling text depending on what short:

  • One short has it after Lil' Puss Puss' head explodes and had his blood covering Nana in the process as she shrugs nonchalantly.
  • Another has it in a static image of Puss Puss holding up Nana's disembodied head and presents it with his other hand as he smiles.

FX/SFX: The text wobbling.

Music/Sounds:The end theme of the short.

Availability: Seen on Nana and Lil' Puss Puss.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo (1994-2000)

Nickname: "The Purple Cat Scientist"

Logo: On the black background, inside a red-orange circle, we see a purple creature with two tails looking like DNA and wearing a white lab coat with a purple bowtie on it, somewhat resembling a cat, with his back turned to us. In a circle around the circle containing the creature, we see the pink text "DNA PRODUCTIONS INC." in an odd, hard-to-describe font. He then turns his head to look at us, and jumps to face us while holding his arms out. The text shines.

FX/SFX: The cat turning around and jumping, the text shining.

Music/Sounds: A weird noise resembling high-pitched laughter, then a rising cartoony bubble sound.

Availability: Seen on videos of the obscure series Jingaroo and the 1998 Jimmy Neutron pilot "Runaway Rocketboy", which can be found on its VHS release and a special feature on the DVD release of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Confusion Fusion.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. The weird noises might catch you off guard, and the cat isn't exactly friendly looking.

3rd Logo (2000-2012)

Nicknames: "Hi, I'm Paul!", "DNA Monkey", "Paul, the Three-Eyed Monkey", "Paul", "3 Eyed Monkey", "Monkey"

Logo: On a tropical background complete with a beach, and a sunset, we see the black, lowercase text "d n a productions" with "d n a" bigger and spaced and "productions" underneath, near the top of the screen, and 2 double helix coconut trees twisting behind a bush. A monkey jumps up from behind the trees with his back turned to us. Then, he turns around, revealing that he has a parietal eye, and waves at us, saying "Hi, I'm Paul!"

Variants: There are six variants, they can be viewed on original airings (But not on later reruns and home media) and on

  • Double Your Pleasure: Two Pauls appear and say "Hi, we're Paul!" It appears on "The Junkman's Cometh". 
  • Bi-Lingual Paul: Paul is wearing a hat and a mustache, when he turns around, he speaks Spanish. His mustache falls off. It appears on "The Mighty Wheezers"/"Billion Dollar Boy".
  • Backwards Masking Paul: The logo is played in reverse, making Paul sounding like he's saying "Oh, my eye!". It appears on "Foul Bull"/"The Science Fair Affair".
  • Paul Blooper #1: Paul forgets his lines, and says "So what do you want me to say now?" It appears on "Attack of the Twonkies".
  • Paul Blooper #2: Paul forgets his lines again, and says "Hi, I'm.....lines?"
  • Coffee Break Paul: Paul is missing. A man off-screen says softly, "Paul?". It appears on "Men at Work". 
  • On NickToon's airings with the over-the-last-scene credits, if begins when Paul turns around.

Trivia: The logo's mascot is named after Paul Claerhout, one of DNA's first three employees.

FX/SFX: The spinning trees, and Paul jumping up and waving to us, all in gorgeous CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A happy tropical xylophone sounder. Paul's voice is an innocent, high-pitched man's voice. The over-the-last-scene variant has the audio from the ending.

Availability: Uncommon to rare; appeared on The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (Most episodes, including reruns of all episodes), including its The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour trilogy. The variants is seen on original broadcasts & on Hulu prints. The normal version is also seen on the Nickelodeon premiere broadcast of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, instead of the film's closing logo combo.

Scare Factor: None.

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