Broadcast Arts

1st Logo
(June 1984)

Logo: We fade from black to the color test card. After a few seconds, the color bars becomes the color tubes. The camera pans to the blue neon sign saying:


with a machine on a table with red sparks coming out of it.

Variants: A shorter version can be seen at the end of the demo reel.

FX/SFX: The camera transitioning to the tubes, the camera panning and the sparks from the machine.

Music/Sounds: The 400 Hz tone, which trails off when the camera transitions, along with the sparks.

Availability: It is seen on the Broadcast Arts 1984 Demo Reel, which can be seen online.

Scare Factor: Low to nightmare.

2nd Logo

Logo: On a black background with some moving clouds, we see the text "BROADCAST arts," (The "T" is in a red box with a blue rectangle on a top part of the box, and "arts" is in a cursive font and is light blue.) the same logo appears even larger and moves fast from the right to the left.

FX/SFX: The text moving from the right.

Music/Sounds: An almost creepy synth tune that plays throughout the logo.

Availability: Almost extinct. Seen only on the failed pilot for NBC, The Jackie Bison Show.

Scare Factor: Low to high, the dark atmosphere and the synth music may startle some, but this is slightly tamer than the previous logo.

Curious Pictures


Curious Pictures (stylized as curious?ictures) was an American animation studio and multi-media company set in New York City and Los Angeles that created and produced television programs, commercials, animation and video games that was founded in 1993.

1st Logo
(January 7, 1993 - May 5, 2000)

Logo: On the white background, we see a red question mark. Above it has the “curious” (on the upper left) and “ictures” (on the upper left.

Animated Variants:

  • On The Making of the Kraft Super Mario Bros. featurette, we see the white background with the red question mark. After 2.5 seconds, the words fade in. After three seconds, it fades to black.
  • On HBO Family's A Little Curious (At the end of all episodes), we fade from the closing credits to the white background, to have the question mark fade in. The words fades in and out, followed by fading to black at the end.

FX/SFX: The background fading, the question mark appearing, the text appearing in the first variant and the text fading in and out in the second variant.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the short.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The animated version is silent.
  • The A Little Curious variation has the closing theme ending throughout.

Availability: Seen on the short film The Louie n' Louie Show. When Nickelodeon's KaBlam! re-created and aired this short, it was cut. The vatiations as seen on the above mentioned.

Scare Factor: None; a cute logo to the touch.

2nd Logo
(May 6, 2000 - Present)

Nicknames: "The Dot of Smoke.", "Crazy Question Mark"

Logo: Same as the previous logo, but with the background black and the “curious ictures” in white.


  • A more common version of the logo has the dot morphing into the ant and dropped at the bottom, then the ant runs away.
  • On the pilot episode of Sheep in the Big City (where the logo debuted, the Cartoon Network series is long gone from TV), the normal logo fades in, with the dot appearing. After the dot runs away, the text fades out. The closing theme ends throughout with the different dot squeaking sounds, much different than the later episodes.
  • There is also another version where the dot rumbles and blasts off like a rocket, flying and leaving around with the smoke trail.
    • On one season 6 episode of Codename: Kids Next Door, it stops mid-way through.
  • Another version has the question mark jumping out from the text to the left to right to the center, making the question mark cover “curious ictures”.
  • On An Off-Beats Valentines, the logo is at the top.
  • On Little Spirit: Christmas in New York, it has a copyright info at the bottom.
  • On Rush Zone: Guardians Of The Core, it plays in reverse along with the sqeaking sounds.
  • At the updated credits of the all episodes of Team Umizoomi on Nickelodeon, the screen appears at the bottom-right playing the it, then cuts to the Nickelodeon Productions logo.


  • Runaway Dot: The dot morphing and running.
  • Dot of Smoke: The rocket flying and the trail of smoke.
  • Crazy Question Mark: The question mark zooming in and covering “curious ictures”.
  • Still: None.

Cheesy Factor: Simple animation for the dot on the "Dot" logo, but the "The Dot of Smoke" logo has pretty nice CGI, actually.

Music/Sounds: None or the closing theme of the show.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the "Runaway Dot" logo, there are squeaking sounds as the dot falls down and runs.
  • On the "The Dot of Smoke" logo, there is a loud rocket "WHOOSH" sound.
  • Mid-way through season 3 to the series finale of Codename: Kids Next Door (except season 6, episode 5), the dot launching sound is different.
  • On non-split screen airings of Team Umizoomi (except early episodes), the normal logo has the closing theme ends throughout.
    • On split-screen airings of the said series, the normal logo with the sounds is shown.
    • Recent airings has the ending theme over it.

Availability: Common.

  • The still version is the rarest and can be seen on two-part episodes of Codename: Kids Next Door and An Off-Beat Valentines.
  • The Runaway Dot can be seen most of the time. Don’t expect this logo on early episodes of Team Umizoomi, as they use only the 2008 Nickelodeon logo instead at the end.
  • The Dot of Smoke can be found on almost all episodes of Codename: Kids Next Door on Cartoon Network (except the first/pilot episode, which has the normal logo) and all episodes of Little Einsteins on Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior).
  • The Crazy Question Mark can be found on Hey Joel.

Scare Factor: Depending on the version

  • Runaway Dot (Both Normal & Closing Theme Versions): None to minimal. The squeaky sounds and the running of the dot may annoy people, but this is so cute & a favorite of many, including little kids.
  • Dot of Smoke (Both Normal & Closing Theme Versions): None to low for both with sound and with the closing theme of the show. The launching sound and the trail covering the company name may scare some.
  • Crazy Question Mark: Minimal to low. The question mark covering “curious ictures” may be scary for some people.
  • Still: None.