Cosmos Video - Editora VHS Argentina (RaroVHS)01:36

Cosmos Video - Editora VHS Argentina (RaroVHS)

Logo: We begin with a blue-purple gradient background, and the Cosmos Video logo on a blue background of different shades flips in. After a while, another flip occurs before we cut to cabinet doors opening to show footage of birds flying, a baby crawling, and a satellite flying in space (a door appears before each clip) before the gradient appears again and the logo flips in and out one last time.

FX/SFX: The flipping, the cabinet doors opening, and the footage.

Cheesy Factor: The flipping is very cheaply done, and most of the second half of the logo is a slowed-down, slightly oversaturated version of a Chevron sponsor trailer used in the 1983 National Geographic special Born of Fire, which is considered a blatant act of theft. The music also sounds like it was made on a cheap keyboard. 

Music/Sounds: A cheap synth and piano tune that sounds quite SEGA Genesis-like.

Availability: Very rare.

Scare Factor: Low. The flipping and music may scare some people, but the fact that a 1983 Chevron sponsor trailer was stolen could cause some laughter.

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