Not to be confused with the Argentinan company.

1st Logo


Logo: On a space background, an orange ball comes towards us from the upper left corner, and an elliptical shape appears from the upper right. Once the ball comes towards the right side of this shape, an explosion occurs, and the word "COSMOS", with the ball as the second "O", appears, followed by "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" in a box sliding into view a few seconds later.

FX/SFX: The ball and the shape moving, the explosion, the appearance of "COSMOS" and the "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" sliding in (a la the 1975 Paramount Television blue mountain logo)

Music/Sound Effects: A soundpiece similar to AMC's current original logo, followed by what appears to be the sound effect of a person striking a lighter, and a WHOOSH that results in a five-chord ending theme, the last chord of which introduces the HOME ENTERTAINMENT.

Availability: Rare. Your best choice are Dutch copies of New Line Cinema films.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, due to the whoosh sound.

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