1st Logo (1999-September 11th, 2016)

Nicknames: "Seizure Corus" "ARRGH! My Eyes!" "Crazy Corus" "The Flashing Tunnel"

Logo: Over a black background, a multicolored vortex flashes, forming the corporate logo of Corus Entertainment, which is various decorative designs of "COrUs" (a computerized "C", a spiral, a magnet "r", a broken paperclip "U" and a stamp "S"), all above the text "ENTERTAINMENT".


  • On the third season of 4 Square and the second season of Wee 3, a copyright stamp appears below.
  • An variant exists where the logo is still on a white background, and ENTERTAINMENT is black.
  • Sometimes, the logo is shortened more.
  • Starting in 2007, the logo is given a enchanted look, consisting of "COrUs" still glowing after the logo is formed, plus "E N T E R T A I N M E N T" also forms at the same time as "COrUs"

FX/SFX: The colors flashing in. Pretty cool CGI, but the animation is so fast, it could give seizures to some.

Cheesy Factor: The logo looks like it was made in Adobe After Effects.

Music/Sounds: A synth theme with three deep notes at the end, the end theme or none.

Availability: Appears on Slap Shot 3: The Junior League, Uh-Oh!, Transporter: The Series and 4 Square. The white version can be seen when certain Corus-affiliated channels experience technical difficulties.

Scare Factor:

  • Original: Minimal for the normal & silent versions, and with the closing theme, as the animation can startle some.
  • None for the still and the "Technical Difficulties" versions.

2nd Logo (September 12th, 2016-present)

Logo: On the black background, there are two white dots. The green dot fades in and ises into the white background with the words:

Produced In Association With

at the top. The green dot now becomes part of the new Corus logo, consisting of "corus" with the green dot next to the "s".

Variant: On Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs (TV Series), it is extended. On the black background, three green dots and one white dot slides in from the left. The white dot then blinks going to the normal animation.

FX/SFX: Simple animation.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme. On the extended variant, a held note is hard with electronic sound, then it becomes the two more orchestra/choir.

Availability: Current. The normal version is seen on Polly and the ZhuZhu Pets.

Scare Factor: None.

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