Logo descriptions by Jason Jones and James Fabiano

Logo captures by Eric S., Logophile, Mr.Logo, naxo-ole, Sagan Blob, Gilblitz112, and TimYeiLogoCollector

Editions by Eric S., V of Doom, Logophile, CBS/FoxKid999, Chowchillah, Shadeed A. Kelly, bmasters9, Lee Cremeans, PluMGMK, and Kramden II

Video captures courtesy of KidCairbreReturns, Peakpasha, WaluigiN64HD, Logo Archive, Sagan Blob Enterprises, mulog29, Avdhesh Mystry. and vhsclassic90s

Cohn-Brandt-Cohn (CBC) Film Sales

Background: This predecessor company of Columbia Pictures was originally founded in 1918 by Harry Cohn, his brother Jack Cohn, and Jack's friend Joe Brandt. Brandt was president of CBC Film Sales, handling sales, marketing and distribution from New York along with Jack Cohn, while Harry Cohn ran production in Hollywood. Many of the studio's early productions were low-budget affairs; the start-up CBC leased space in a poverty row studio on Hollywood's Gower Street. Among Hollywood's elite, CBC's reputation led some to joke that "CBC" stood for "Corned Beef and Cabbage".

Columbia Pictures (1962)

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