Closing Logo Descriptions Demo
Written by Kris Starring

Here, we put the logo descriptions, like these 2 examples below: (Both of them are old descriptions of CBS Paramount logos)

CBS Paramount Domestic Television


Nickname: "Eye In The Sky"

Logo: We see a large bluish CBS Eye in a cloudscape reminiscent of the 2002 Paramount Ultra Majestic Mountain.In the foreground, the words "CBS Paramount" (each companies' name is in its respective typeface) appear above a line which has "TELEVISION" written in a plain font underneath. The company name has an Eyemark to the left of it, and a Paramount print logo at the right. "CBS Paramount TELEVISION" and the print logos slowly zoom out together, all of which are white letters outlined in gold.A lens flare shines over the entire background.

Effects: Nothing but CGI; the light effects and the words zooming out.

Cheesy Factor: The print logos and "CBS Paramount TELEVISION" don't appear to be CGI, and look more like they were tacked on over the CGI "Eye In The Sky" background using simple chyron effects.

Music/Sounds: A new five-note fanfare that sounds a little like the ending of the CBS Evening News theme. In the extended version of the logo, the music starts off with a bass horn intro ala the classic Warner Bros fanfare. Either way, it's quite a refreshing change from the fanfare Paramount had been using for the past 19 years.

Availability: As for right now, appears mostly on first-run syndicated programming from CBS Paramount Television, such as Judge JudyDr. PhilMontel Williams, and Entertainment Tonight. It is widely expected that this logo will soon plaster the 1995 and 2002 Paramount Television Mountains on repeats of shows belonging to their extensive catalog.

CBS Paramount Network Television


Nickname: "Wallpaper"

Logo: On a black screen, we see two streaks of light pass through the words "CBS Paramount," a line, and "TELEVISION" below that, all of which is in the same design as the Domestic TV logo with the exception of the print logos in the foreground. The company name quickly zooms out to the center of the screen; "CBS" first, then "Paramount TELEVISION" second.The background quickly fades to reveal a navy blue environment made up of a curved wallpaper of CBS Eyes and Paramount print logos shining light rays filling the screen.

Effects: All the AfterEffects styled animation in the logo.

Music/Sounds: Unknown at this time, because of the networks' tendancies to play their generic music or announcements over the end logos on standard TV.It is assumed that the music is the five-note jingle from the Eye In The Sky, since the animation and fanfare seem like a good match.

Availability: This logo is rather prevalent on programs from CBS and The CW.