Tutorial by BenderRoblox

Credits are needed for every page on the CLG Wiki. So what exactly do you do to make them?

1. Click "Edit" on top of a page and go all the way to the top.

2. Press enter to make some spaces above the page for credits.

3. Choose italics.

4. Add these titles as credits:

Logo descriptions by (This tells who exactly created the logo descriptions)

Logo captures by (This tells who made the photos on the page) (Acceptable variants: Pictures, photos)

Editions by (This tells who frequently makes small edits to the page)

Video captures courtesy of (This tells who created the videos on the page. Don't credit the person who put the video on the page, but the video creator itself) (Acceptable variants: Videos)


Compiled by (Only use this one if only one single person worked on the page or if everyone that had major jobs on the page had all the jobs available.)

Tutorial by (Use this if the page is a tutorial)

5. By those credits, add the names of the people by their respective credit in black italics.

6. All done!

For a great example of credits, go to the Viacom page!