Background: Chernin Entertainment is a production company founded and headed by former News Corporation president, Peter Chernin.


Logo: The logo begins in blackness, then the camera pans the inside of a stylized metal "C", which is reflecting a ray of light shining on it from an angle. The camera pans away from the "C", revealed to be hanging from two chains in a large warehouse-esque space, while the camera focuses on it from an angle where it faces about 45 degrees from the audience, and is directly in front of the meeting point of two walls. The shadow of the "C" situates itself on the left wall, while the shadow of an unseen "E" also hanging from chains situates itself on the right wall. The light ray is shining from the left side of the screen, but then dissipates while light gathers around the two shadows. The camera zooms out further with the company name below the logo until the logo fades to black.

Variants: On TV shows by the company, the logo is already formed. On some movies, the company name is omitted

FX/SFX: Excellent CGI.

Music/Sounds: Either the opening of closing theme of the show or movie, or silence.

Availability: Uncommon. The film version has so far been seen on Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Heat, and Oblivion. The TV version is more common, being seen on New Girl,TouchTerra Nova, the infamous, short-lived Allen Gregory, and Breakout Kings. The TV version is also seen at the end of Oblivion.

Scare Factor: None. 

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