The Walt Disney Company (Walt Disney Records)

Vivendi S.A. (Universal Music Group, Universal Music Enterprises, MCA Music Video, PolyGram Music Video, PolyDor Records, Motown Records, Capitol Records, Virgin Music Video, Apple Records)

Sony Corporation (Sony Music Entertainment, Musicvision, Sony Music International, Sony Wonder, Arista DVD, Columbia Music Video, Epic Music Video, BMG Video, Provident-Integrity Distribution, Fo Yo Soul Entertainment, Verity, Zomba Music Video)

Access Industries (Warner Music Entertainment, Warner Reprise Video, Warner Bros. Records, Warner Bros. Publications, WarnerVision Films, KidVision, Elektra Entertainment, Rhino Home Video, Kid Rhino Home Video, Warner Music Vision, Atlantic-Vision Entertainment, WEA Video)

National Amusements, Inc. ()

Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation (Vestron Music Video, RadioVision Video, FC Flash Cut Records)

Heron International (Music Media)

Video Games (Tommy Tallarico Studios)

Miscellaneous (Eagle Vision Entertainment, Eagle Rock Entertainment, Emtro Gospel, Integrity Music, IRS Records, The Michael Jackson Company)

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