'21st Century Fox Inc. ('Fox Animation Studios, Browne Cartoons, Blue Sky Studios, Playhouse Video', BabyTV Originals')

'The Walt Disney Company (Walt Disney Cartoons, Disney Television Animation, Jetix Animation Concepts, Disney Channel Originals, Disney Channel Original Movies', Disney Junior Originals, Playhouse Disney Originals, Disney XD Originals, Jetix Originals, It's a Laugh Productions, Salty Pictures, Jumbo Pictures, Marvel Animation, Malibu Comics Entertainment, ARP Films, New World Animation, Marvel Productions, DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, Saban Entertainment, Sensation Animation, SIP Animation, Créativité & Developpement, Lucasfilm Animation, DisneyToon Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, ABC Family Originals, ABC Kidtime, Fox Kids Worldwide, Fox Family Productions, Fox Kids Movies, Fox Kids Video, Saban Home Entertainment, The Muppets Studio, The Baby Einstein Company)

'The Bertelsmann Foundation/The Mohn Family (Random House

BBC (CBeebies Originals, CBBC Originals)

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