1st Logo (1999-2000's)

Nickname: "The War General"

Logo: Inside a white rectangle, a horseman poses in front of the tilted red B, with his blade raised. Above the rectangle, we have BATTLE PLAN and below, PRODUCTIONS. FX/SFX/Music: None.

Availability: Found on Deterrence, The Contender and Scenes of the Crime.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo (2003-2006)

Nickname: "The War General II" Logo: We see horseman raising his blade, while the horse slowly rears. At the same time, a big red B condenses in the background and BATTLE PLAN with PRODUCTIONS rapidly fly to their positions below. FX/SFX: The horseman and letters moving. 

Music/Sounds: Short trumpet fanfare.

Availability: It appears on the Line of Fire television series published by Touchstone Television.

Scare Factor: None to low. This logo is similar to first one, but more accurate.

3rd Logo (2006- )

Nickname: "The Printing Machine" Logo: There is an extra-close shot of the paper sheet. Suddenly the clipper of printing machine stamps the letter, and we move by the sheet to follow other letters stamping. After done, the logo rapidly zooms out and then vanishes. FX/SFX: The paper seems real, and words animated. 

Music/Sounds: Sounds of stamping.

Availability: Seen on Resurrecting the Champ and following movies.

Scare Factor: Medium, at least, for the stamping process tends to be startling.

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