Annapurna Pictures is an independent production company founded by software heiress Megan Ellison. (Her father is Oracle founder Larry Ellison. Her brother David is also a producer, and the founder of Skydance Productions). The name comes from a mountain trail in Nepal, which in turn was taken from the Hindu goddess of nourishment.

(August 29th, 2012 - present)

Logo: On a static-filled black screen, a large white "A" is slowly wiped in from top to bottom (similar to the 1985-2006 Walt Disney Pictures logo), while surrounded by a bright glow that renders the "A" barely visible. The words "ANNAPURNA" and "PICTURES" are then wiped in below, with the former stacked on top of the latter, and the glow dissipates, leaving the finished logo. The screen then gets static-filled again and the logo disintegrates, as it cuts to black.


  • The closing print logo exists.
  • On Zero Dark Thirty, the logo starts out normal, turning green briefly. After the while, it turns off for the while. Then, the logo turns back on, flashes green and dims into the green-tinted version of the logo. It ends normaly.
  • oAmerican Hustle, the logo is customized. On the brown background, segments of the "A" appear one by one., while another pair brightens up, followed by the text which fades in. After that, it zooms in with the trail effect.
  • On Spring ​Breakers, the logo forms slightly different. The "A"  wipes in as usual, but this time iron glows in many different colors. The text fades in as it ripples. Then, the static filter is added in, as the "A" turns pink and the text turns light blue. At the end, static turns the entire logo pink-tinted before cutting to black.
  • On The Master, rather than disintegrate, it instead fades to black early.

FX/SFX: The static, the "A" and the words wiping in, the logo disintegrating.

Music/Sounds: Originally, none, or the opening theme.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The closing print logo has the closing theme playing over it.
  • The Zero Dark ThirtySpring ​Breakers, and The Master variants is silent.
  • The American Hustle variant has the opening music that plays over this and the Columbia Pictures and Atlas Entertainment variations.
  • So far, on The GrandmasterEverybody​ Wants Some, and recently Sausage Party, it has a deepish, creepyish note with the static sound effect playing over.

Availability: Seen on most films from the company, starting with Lawless.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

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