Logo descriptions by RarityLand

Background: Anime Crash was Crash Cinema Media's division to disturbute anime. They mainly distributed korean anime; although they started the dub of the japanse anime, Geisters; which was infamous. However, when Crash Cinema Media closed down, it's divisions including Anime Crash closed down with it.


Nicknames: ''The Cheapest Anime-Style Logo Ever'' "The Ninja Fight"

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: Perhaps all digitally hand-drawn animation, but there was sadly, no effort put into this logo. Looks like something that's as bad as 3M Video. One other thing, this was mainly intentional.

Music/Sounds: Asian sounds that leads into a heavy metal tune ending with a gong; and then a heavy metal sounder. And another thing, if you hear closely at the beginning, you can hear fire burning.

Availability: Ultra rare. Can be seen on 3 DVD's of the infamous dub of the anime called Giesters: Fractions Of The Earth. The dub was cancelled shortly as soon as the company closed down. They can be found easily on eBay, or, that's for sure!

Scare Factor: Low to medium. The animation may not be what you expect; leading for many people to be put off, although the music is OK. On the other hand, you may like it; if you're a anime fan.

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