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• 11/4/2018

Rodney16, stop deleting real logos from real movies!

Rodney16, everytime we add new logos from REAL, ACTUAL movies, you always keep deleting for no reason, so stop deleting them, now!

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• 10/20/2018

Paramount logo from Book Club? (2018)

I saw that the page of Paramount Pictures/Other has still no Paramount logo from Book Club. So, can someone please add the Paramount logo from Book Club?

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• 10/7/2018
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• 9/4/2018

What did loi 3d made a video called ______

  • Papa's Scooperia noda
  • talking samuel google play
  • windows 7
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• 8/11/2018

Diego Ledezma's Sockpuppets

For those of you on what's going on Diego Ledezma is adding fake 20th Century Fox logos on this wiki. Even worse the more Muzzarino blocks him on here, he makes a new account. In fact, here's an example on what he is doing on this wiki:
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• 7/17/2018
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• 7/14/2018

New Nickname

Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International logo (1993)
"Redemption of The Boxes"
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• 3/31/2018


I realized CLG Wiki has a Fandom. What happened to the original CLG Wiki website?
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• 2/15/2018


Boy, we've been getting a lot of sockpuppets on here lately. Especially fake logos. So should we try and track down some sockpuppets and fake logos if they keep coming back or what?
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• 12/22/2017


Some edited the Nihilism Gaga Productions Clg Wiki! XD
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• 11/24/2017


Should we put the "Walt Disney Classics", the "Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection" and the "Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection in the own articles instead of the Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment article?
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• 10/30/2017

There will be a new Shopping center taking over the Warner Brothers animation studio

There will be a new Shopping center taking over the Warner Brothers animation studio due to that most animations are now made by Nelvana so, therefore, Nelvana will be the new owner of Hanna-Barbera cartoons.
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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/28/2017

Out-of-sync HB swirling star

Hi, I wanted to post this on CLG Wiki but I can't because I keep being banned from there for no reason even though I never did anything wrong there.
So anyway today I was watching a rerun of the Jetsons on Boomerang that I recorded (this was the season 3 episode "Crime Games" by the way), but instead of there being a plaster with the 1994 logo, the original CGI Swirling Star appeared at the end but it was out-of-sync. I think what happened is that the music came in too early, so the last note was just about to fade out when the star froze and the name appeared and whatever. Normally I wouldn't make a thread about this because the swirling stars are so easy to find, but it was out-of-sync and I figured you might be interested in this variant that I found.
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• 11/10/2016

Can you contribute TBN Original Production and Trinity Broadcasting Network's page?

Yes, But they need to put a description of TBN Original Production and Trinity Broadcasting Networks IDs
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• 10/26/2016

The Walt Disney Company Buys Cartoon Network and Boomerang

The Walt Disney Company Buys Cartoon Network will become ABC Kids on February 13, 2017. But Turner sells Cartoon Network and Boomerang libraries to The Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse has his own shows such as Adventure Time, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Star Wars: Rebels. Disney also buying the entire Hanna-Barbera library such as The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and Scooby-Doo from Time Warner. The Walt Disney Company also buying Peanuts library from Turner Entertainment. Boomerang will be the only channel was sold from Turner Entertainment to the Walt Disney Company.
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• 8/22/2016

Telly and Coffee MGM Lion Sightings?

Has anyone here seen Telly or Coffee, the 2 strip Technicolor lions that M-G-M used from 1928-35? I've only seen Coffee a few times back when the Boomerang network was airing non-Tom and Jerry M-G-M cartoons in an unnamed block. Never seen Telly though.
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• 5/19/2016


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• 5/19/2016


I need help with handling the VideoSonic page. 01:04 Videosonic - 80's distributor intro Videosonic video 1. Videosonic desc 1: Logo: On a glittery starry background, a blue grid flips to the bottom, while 3 more flip to the top, left, and right. The grids from the left and right disappear as the words "VIDEOSONIC", in a green futuristic font, with a white circle inside the letter O, zoom back in a light trail effect and set in place in between the two grids. The logo then turns white and shines and flashes pink as a green 3D TV tube shape with a weird red bird-like object zoom out and spins around from the right. It then sits on the top and flashes and turns 2D. The logo flashes too and turns green as the circle turns red. The grids then move until the logo cuts into the warning screen, all in Greek.
Variant: On some tapes, there is a warning screen (a different one that scrolls upwards) before the logo. "Sad Day" still plays from the beginning, so when the logo appears it isn't in sync with the music. This variant can be seen at 3:31 in this compilation.
FX/SFX: All the animation in the logo.
Cheesy Factor: The starry background does not look very good, but the rest is fine. Also, the warning screen before the logo ruins the effect of the animation synced with the music.
Music/Sounds: An oversaturated snippet of the song "Sad Day" by Blancmange.
Availability: Seen on Videosonic videos from the era.
Scare Factor: Low; the flashing and the logo cutting to the warning screen might get to some.

Videosonic picture 2 00:47 VideoSonic (1995) With International Warning
Logo: We see a few popular VHS logos from the time appear at first. Clips from various movies then appear, with video feedback effects. We then see computer-animated VHS covers standing right-side up. This image then flips to the point of vanishing, and we then see a TV/VHS remote and a red sphere in a dark blue environment. The remote is moving about frantically and the sphere is shooting across the then somewhat fully invisible logomark. The company's name is shown, with a duplication effect. The sphere from before ascends and fits itself inside of the "O" in "VIDEO".
FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor:All of what is said above. The video feedback effects shown in the movie clips are somewhat poorly done and don't give emphasis like it intended; it only bothers people who are obsessive-compulsive. The remote also looks like a flying brick due to its lack of texture, and only fades out instead of moving out of view. The VHS cassettes shown just before also seem to be the same way, due to the fact that you can barely read the text on the covers. This logo looks absolutely incredible compared to most Greek VHS logos, but is simply average for the time.
Music/Sounds: A short version of "Personal Best" by Craig Palmer.
Availability: Since VideoSonic is the largest Greek VHS distributor, it should be at least somewhat easy to find in Greece. TBA for anywhere else.
Scare Factor: Minimal. The logo's nature is a little busy which may put a few off, but there's really nothing to worry about here.
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• 5/2/2016


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